For those of you who sent me a New Year’s greeting and asked where I’d planned to spend New Year’s Eve, here’s my brief response. My significant other and I had a delightful evening chez nous. Our dinner was catered by Bertucci’s Restaurant and delivered by Grubhub. After dinner we settled into the sunroom, re-named the “Great Room” for the duration of the evening.

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After a not-quick-enough glimpse of Mariah Carey on Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, (what was that huge, white thing sprawled across her shoulders?) we followed a tip from a good friend and watched an über-interesting documentary about Truman Capote. Now that guy knew how to party, … and brunch, and have late lunches with NYC’s rich and famous, and spend idle hours on friends’ yachts, and dance/cavort until the wee hours at Club 54.

But I digress.

I received so many queries about the outfit I’d chosen to wear. Here’s the scoop. I selected one of my favorite designers, Champion Sportswear. Champion dressed me in a sedate dark blue pair of sweatpants and (almost) matching sweatshirt. My footwear? Dearfoam, of course. This morning I switched to one of Champion’s competitors, Russell Athletic Wear. Their steel-gray pants fit me to a T (actually, an elongated O.) My feet are shod in a pair of Saucony walking shoes.

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This isn’t me. My legs are brown. But you get the idea, right?

Well…I must be off as there’s so much to do on this first day of 2022. It’s time to prepare a delicious champagne (actually, Presecco) brunch for my love and me. Then I’m going to take photos of every inch of our home and its furnishings. With all the pop-up tornados, catastrophic fires, and floods caused by climate changes, one can never predict when filling out insurance claim forms will bump aside writing blogs and novels.

Stay safe and healthy, dear readers. And start thinking about New Year’s Eve, 2022. It’s never too early to plan your next gala, its menu and your wardrobe.

*In memory of Betty White, to whom we owe a great deal of thanks for giving us the gift of laughter in times of distress.

Renée Bess writes novels, short fiction, poetry, and blog posts. She was a 2019 Alice B. Readers Awardee. She and her co-story curator, Lee Lynch, won a Goldie Award for their anthology, Our Happy Hours, LGBT Voices From the Gay Bars. Renée’s latest book, Between a Rock and a Soft Place, Collected Works, is available now. Her publisher is Flashpoint Publications. For more information about Renée and her books, please visit:

© Renée Bess, 2022

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