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Welcome to my first blog post from “The Wide Window.”

When Women and Words began their hiatus, I suspected I wasn’t quite ready to stop speaking. My suspicions were correct.  I followed a schedule (fourth Thursday of each month) for W & W, and that was a good idea because it helped keep me focused on an assigned task.  This time around, I’d like to post when I feel the need to express my random thoughts and invite any readers to respond. I’ll post on Facebook and Twitter to let you know when I’ve blogged.

I’ve titled this blog page “The Wide Window” because I want the freedom to write about a plethora of topics. I’ve always loved the word “plethora,” although at times it sounds like the name of a dermatological problem.

Some of my posts will be personal/memoir while others will be inspired by current events. I’m pretty much dedicated to the theory of writing serving a purpose other than art for the sake of art. I can’t escape the notion that writers have a responsibility to think, ask questions,  and probe the situations that surround us. One’s writing is a living, breathing entity filled with the potential to stimulate thought about those things that affect us politically, socially, personally.


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